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The Reggae Exhibition | The Real Reggae Story
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The Real Reggae Story

The Reggae Exhibition was established in June 2012 in conjunction with the Jamaican Expo (London 2012) in Stratford, East London. It was established to celebrate Reggae music in general and the enormous influence Reggae music has had on other musical genres in particular. Importantly, the Exhibition will explore the very Roots of Reggae music and how it developed into the most popular musical genre.


The Exhibition will feature a compilation of the history, advent and world-wide growth of Reggae. All the major influences and traditions leading to the development of other genres that evolved from Reggae will be presented with previously unpublished photos, pictures, leaflets, flyers and sketches to be exhibited.


As part of the Reggae Exhibition, the Reggae FM radio Station is being established and will be dedicated solely Reggae Music.


An important and valuable aspect of the Exhibition is that it will feature two workshops. One will provide visitors with the opportunity to practice and play musical instruments especially the younger patrons,. These musical lessons will be provided by professional and recognized musicians

The second workshop will be more informative in terms of providing information about the music industry especially about the musical and mechanical rights of writers, producers, lyricists, artistes, performers and expected royalties. The speakers are renowned musical lawyers and professionals from the music industry.