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Reggae Fusion

About This Project

The REGGAE EXHIBITION presents: ‘REGGAE FM (c). Broadcasting from London UK. The first and only Radio Station which is dedicated solely to Reggae Music.

The Concept:

Although Reggae Music was ‘spawned’ in Jamaica, it has had more influence on other cultures than any other genre of music. From Europe to Africa, from North America to South America, from Australasia to Asia and even as far as the Pacific, Reggae Music has impacted on the peoples and their cultures.

For a myriad of reasons however, while Reggae Music has enhanced and influenced other musical genres and various recording artistes has gained from it, it has remained somewhat marginalized. For example, here in the UK there is not a Reggae Charts.

For this purpose the establishment of Reggae FM(c), with its dedicated focus on this particular musical genre, will alter this ‘unfavourable’ attitude in terms of placing Reggae Music in the mainstream. With a Studio in Jamaica – the home of Reggae Music – and a ‘sister’ partner Studio in London, there will be a continuous round the clock 24 hours broadcasting of Reggae Music. The two studios will act as one link with an interactive approach with ‘phone-ins’ and the public requesting their own particular reggae records.

There will be occasional exchange of DJs and presenters and while Reggae FM(c) is ‘off-air’ during late nights in the UK, Reggae FM(c) JA will be ‘on-air’ and vice versa. Regular features will include interviews with guest artistes and with questions from the public. Another interesting feature is that, because of our unique ‘in-house’ recording studio, there will be ‘live’ performances by reggae artistes.

Another unique feature of Reggae FM(c) is our ‘Music Tuition Programme’, a musical workshop for children (under 16 years) to learn to play music, music engineering and radio presentation skills. Our Radio station will then act as an outlet for young Reggae artistes to express their talents.

As well as Reggae FM(c) JA & UK, by 2014 we hope to establish Reggae FM(c) Africa (based initially in Ghana West Africa and Ethiopia East Africa), with Reggae FM(c) US (based in New York), Reggae FM(c) CA (Canada), Reggae FM(c) SA (South America, based in Brazil), Reggae FM(c) Asia (based in Japan). Reggae Music will therefore be promoted world-wide.


Reggae FM